Silica gel cat litter


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Product Details


    High absorption, high speed.
    99.9%  Dust Free
    Easy waste removal.
    Superior Odor Control
    Multicolor, popular within many pets.


1.Put one layer of silica gel cat litter,silica gel pet litter about 1.5 inches onto clean silica gel cat litter,silica gel pet litter box.

2.Clean garbage periodically to keep it clear.

3.We suggest that one 3.8L silica gel cat litter bag be used for one month for a cat, about 15days for two cats and 10days for three.

4.It should be cleaned timely if it has fully absorbed moisture.

【Technical data】

Adsorption capacity%≥9090
bulk densityg/l400-500400-500
loss on heating%≤8.08.0
qualified size ratio%≥8090
packing3.8Lcolored bags or 20kg bag bulk packing

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