Product Details


Orange silica gel classified by shape: orange silica gel beads and orange silica gel granules.  If classified by color, we have purple, orange red and yellow. Its main content is silicon dioxide and it can change color to show the relative humidity in the air. Compared with blue silica gel, orange silica gel doesn’t contain cobalt chloride, so it’s non-toxic and harmless.


The product can be used alone or be mixed with other silica gel to dry and indicate the humidity. It’s widely used in Precision instruments, Pharmaceutical industry, Petroleum industry, Chemical industry, Food industry, Clothing industry, Leather industry, Household appliances industry, Aviation industry, Military industry, High-rise buildings, Power industry, and other industrial gases.

Orange silica gel has a strong capacity of absorption moisture. During the process of absorption moisture, the appearance of the color changes obviously according to the hygroscopic capacity. So it’s often called “humidity indicator.”

【Technical data】

              Item           Specification
Adsorption capacityRH=20 % ≥8.0
RH=35 % ≥14.0
RH=50 % ≥22.0
RH=90 % ≥30.0
ratter loss % ≤10.0
qualified size ratio% ≥90
loss on heating % ≤2.0
bulk density g/l ≥750
color (orange to green)RH=20 %light brown
RH=35 %light green
RH=50 %green

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