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Blue silica gel can be called: blue silica gel indicator or color changed blue silica gel. It is an indicator adsorbent with high technical content, which is made from micro-pored silica gel with high active adsorbent material through deep processing. Its main feature is that in the process of moisture absorption, it can change to purple and pink with the increase of moisture absorption, which can indicate the humidity of the environment and directly show whether it is necessary to replace the desiccant. It can be used alone or in combination with micro-pored silica gel.


Mainly used for drying and indicating the humidity, widely used in Precision instruments, Pharmaceutical industry, Petroleum industry, Chemical industry, Food industry, Clothing industry, Leather industry, Household appliances industry, Aviation industry, Military industry, High-rise buildings, Power industry, and other industrial gases.

Technical data:

blue silica gel indicatorcolor changing silica gel
absorption capcacity%≥RH20%1010
colorRH20%blue or light blueblue or light blue
RH35%purple or purplish red——
RH50%light redlight red
loss on heating%%≤22
qualified size ratio%%≥9090




25kg per bag or as customer’s demand

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