Silica alumina gel


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Product Details


The chemical formula of silica alumina gel is mSiO2 n. Al2 O3. XH2O. It has stable chemical properties, no combustion, insoluble in solvents except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid. It has stronger surface area than micro-pored silica gel, and it’s adsorption and separation ability is better than micro-pored silica gel,meantime it has good thermal stability.


This product has the characteristics of high specific surface area and strong drying ability. It is a widely used adsorbent. Because of its high compressive strength and low wear, it has longer service life than micro-pored silica gel and has excellent performance-cost ratio. This product is mainly used for:

    Dry compressed air
    Dry natural gas
    Dry gases
    Dry liquefied gas

【Technical data】

Adsorption capacityRH=20%,%≥69.0
Bulk densityg/l,≥650650
Pore volumeml/g0.35-0.450.4-0.6
Pore sizeÅ20-3020-30
Specific surface area㎡/g≥550650
Moisture≤, %33
Compressive strength≥N/pcs ≥80150
Qualified ratio of spherical granules≥, %9080
 White beadsLight yellow
Sizemm1-3, 2-5mm1-3, 2-4mm
Packing25kg/bag (Out compound bags with PE inner bag)

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