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Silica sol is a colloid formed by silica nanoparticles in water, odorless, non-toxic, milky white color. Fine silica colloidal particles size is 10-20 nm with high specific surface area. The particles  are transparent,  so they will not affect the color of the covered material. If mix silica sol with other substances, the dispersion and permeability are very good. When the silica sol evaporates, the colloidal particles firmly adhere to the surface of the material and form silica-oxygen bonding between the particles, which is a good adhesive.


It is widely used in precision casting, papermaking, textile, coating and refractory industries. It is also used in silicon steel sheet treatment agent, battery solid electrolyte, catalyst carrier, antiskid agent, etc.

【Technical data】

  Item  Alkaline sodium type Acidic non-stabilizer type

Viscosity(25℃),mp a.s ≤6725567
Average particle size ,nm10-2010-2010-2010-2010-2010-20

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Silica sol Ludox3.png

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