FNG silica gel/Water resistant silica gel


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Product Details


FNG silica gel is white or gray-white pellets. It has same void structure and adsorption properties with ordinary silica gel.

Compared with other silica gel,  it has better water resistance, no cracking in water and long service life.


1. Used for drying and purifying compressed air and as adsorbent for acetylene and carbon dioxide in air separation industry.

2. Liquid adsorbent and catalyst carrier for petrochemical, power and brewing industries.

3. It can be used as buffer desiccant for ordinary silica gel protective bed.

【Technical data】

First grade productsQualified productsFirst grade productsQualified products
Qualified size ratio, % ≥90859085
Compressive strength, N ≥98689868
Rattler loss, % ≤2525
Absorption capacity, % ≥36357270
Bulk density, g/L600—700600—700400—500400—500
Qualified ratio of spherical granuales, % ≥95909590
Loss on heating, %≤3535
No cracking with water, % ≥959095 90


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