Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) Silica Gel Plate


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Product Details

* Characteristics

Thin layer chromatography (TLC) silica gel plate is made by mixing high purity TLC silica gel (powder) with a certain amount of binder. The surface of the plate is pure white, smooth and even, and finely compact.

* Application

This product can be directly used for qualitative or quantitative analysis of various types of organic substances. It has been widely used in the identification of trace impurities and main components in medicines, pesticides, Chinese herbal medicines, organic chemical products and food. Among them, high efficiency thin layer chromatography silica gel has the characteristics of uniform and fine particles. Compared with common thin layer chromatography silica gel, it has better separation effect on substances.

* Technical Data

Plate thickness (mm)0.20±0.03mm0.20±0.03mm0.20±0.03mm0.20±0.03mm
Activation degreeTricolor separation
Size (mm)S (pieces)M (pieces)L (pieces)

* Remark

Tricolor separationmeans dimethyl yellow, sudan red and indigo.
Adhesive force is limited to thin-layer silica gel G and GF254.
Storage method: Store in dry and ventilated place. Do not store together with volatile substances. Once opened, should be used up or need to sealed immediately so as not to affect the separation performance by absorbing moisture or adsorbing other chemicals. Thin layer chromatography silica gel plate with long storage time or adsorbing moisture can be used after drying and activation for 1-2 hours at 60-90 ℃.

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