Column chromatography silica gel


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Product Details


Column chromatographic silica gel is white and uniform granules, using high quality silica gel as raw material, the main component is silicon dioxide. It’s main characteristic is that it can achieve the purpose of separation and purification by the difference of adsorbing retention time of different components in mixture.


1. Column chromatography silica gel is used for separation and purification of active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine and preparation of high-purity substances.

2. Refining petroleum products and selective adsorption and separation of organic gases and liquids;

3. As catalyst carrier and chromatographic support.

【Technical data】

         item                                                          specifications
A typeB typeC type
industrial gradereagent gradeindustrial gradereagent gradeindustrial gradereagent grade
pore size    A°20-3020-3050-8050-8090-10090-100
pore volumn ml/g0.35-0.450.35-0.450.5-0.70.5-0.70.85-1.00.85-1.0
specific surface  ㎡/g≥600≥600450-600450-600320-400320-400
dulk density g/L≥670≥670500-600500-600400-500400-500
150℃ drying weight  %≤555555
chlorides(Cl) %≤
iron(Fe)  %≤
package1kg/bag,10kg or 20kg/bag(double layer)


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